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Dear friends:

15 years ago, Linhai humic acid plant was established. In 15 years, the company has gotten through difficulties yet gained a lot of valuable experiences, From startup of enterprise to the commercialized management, the company has entered a new phase along with the economic tide of advancing with the times. After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, our company has made great progress and is still growing up. We are grateful for the support and selfless care in all walks of life, and appreciate the employees who have worked hard in different positions!

All along, the company has made great efforts to fight hard, adhered to and fully studied the policy, followed the guiding principle of “Green Mountain is Golden Mountain,” resolutely implemented national strategies such as “the 10-Chapter Soil Pollution Action Plan,” “the 10-Chapter Water Pollution Action Plan,” “Fertilizer Transformation,” and “ The Action Plan for Zero Growth in Fertilizer Use,” and made full use of humic acid, and therefore broken new ground. We adhere to the entrepreneurial spirit of “pioneering and innovative, pragmatic and efficient, honest and win-win, and energy-saving and environmentally-friendly”, conform to the business philosophy of “safe production, health benefits, market orientation, and mechanism innovation” apply“100% Water-soluble pure ore source fulvic acid " to China's agriculture, and lead "Linhai humic acid" to go global. With a strong faith and perseverance, Linhai humic acid plant builds a good product reputation and a faithful corporate image, and forms a unique style in the humic acid industry.

Facing the future problems, the company has formulated a new strategic development plan, including new mechanisms, new starting points, new ideas, and new heights. We are striding forward to higher strategic goals with our talent advantages, scientific research advantages and brand advantages! Linhai Humic Acid Factory sincerely hopes to form an interest community with friends in all walks of life both at home and abroad to help each other, cooperate with each other, form a mutual help mechanism, work hard to create a new situation of win-win cooperation, and jointly write a new chapter in the development of humic acid!