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Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the responsibility of the company for consumers and the environment while creating profits, taking legal responsibility for shareholders and employees, and emphasizing the contribution to the environment, consumers, and society.

(1) Through Iincreaseing investment, increase and projects, expanding employment, expand and employment opportunities, it creates experiences that increase efficiency without reducing the number of employees, and minimize the pressure to push people into society and increase employment pressure. Human resources are is a valuable asset of society and a supportive force for enterprise development. ProtectGuarantee the life and health of employees, ensure that the workers work in a clean and sanitary environment, increase investment in labor protection, eliminate hidden dangers in work safety, continuously increase the wages of workers, ensure the work and income of employees, attract more labor resources and motivate them to create more values. Multi-value, to establish a good corporate image, as well as gain reputation and trust,. whichThese are all is not only related to the company's continued healthy development of the enterprise, but also related to the development and stability of society. AllowingWe should allow employees to share the dividends of enterprisethe development of enterprises, and safeguarding the wages, welfare and well-being of employees of, which our factory are the greatest charities of our factory.

(2) It is our responsibility to operate in good faith, operate legally and ensure the real value of the productsIntegrity management and legal management to ensure that the products are genuine and cost-effective is our responsibility. CompaniesThe enterprise use resources as efficiently as possible, so as to provide products and services that the society needs, and sell them to consumers at the price they are willing to pay. We should fulfill the Ssocial responsibility. The mission of the company is to develop and profit, and tobut also shoulder the mission of increasing tax revenue and national development. Enterprises must take responsibility for development and do a good job in economic development. They must,  focusing on development and on the premise of development, continue to expand the enterprise scale of enterprises, increase the tax share, complete taxation tasks, and make contributions to the development of the country.

(3) With the development of global economics and China's economics development,, the environment is deteriorating, especially the pollution of the atmosphere, water and oceans is becoming increasingly serious increasingly. The requirements of human beings for the living environment are getting higher and higher. According to the policy directives of a series of soil, air, and water pollution prevention and control action plans issued by the state in recent years, such as the "TokujiTen Rules for Soil," "Ten Rules forTen, Ten, Air" and "Ten Rules forTen, Ten, Water", etc., humic acids are Each use area has the characteristics of green, environmental protection, low carbon, and organic in various fields of use, andso the potential for the development of new materials and new products is huge. The high-end pure ore source yellow humic acid fertilizer series product developed and produced by us is in line with the needs of environmental protection and meets the goal and direction of the healthy development of the country's agriculture. Humic acid organic fertilizers have becomewill be used more and more popular due to its obvious advantages in maintaining soil health, optimizing fertilizer structure, building harmony of soil and fertilizer, improving crop quality and food safety, promoting low-carbon agriculture, reducing soil nitrogen emissions,, and preventing and controlling haze, etc.. Applications. The use of pure ore source of yellow humic acid series fertilizers has played an active roleeffect in improving the usage efficiency of the use of fertilizers and water resources and, as well as promoting the implementation of national water and fertilizer integration strategies. Increasing product production and application isare our social responsibilityies for environmental protection.

At the same time, through technological innovation, we must reduce the environmental pollution caused by various aspects of production activities through technological innovation. In strict accordance with national environmental protection requirements, we have purchased advanced environmental protection equipment, such as gas-fired boilers, gas tanks and dust removal towers, etc, and improved the construction of environmental protection facilities. T, achieved the leap from "coal to gas" has achievedand the use of clean energy advocated by the state, which has enabled companiesenterprise to upgrade from high energy consumption to low energy consumption and low pollution, thus making products more competitive and better able to serve the society better.