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Other areas

Application of humic acid in other fields:

Humic acid substance is widely used in other fields. It can be used as cement water reducer, boiler anticrustator, treatment agent for drilling mud, ceramic additive, brewing and fermenting agent, briquette binder, coal water slurry additive and lead battery expansion agent, etc. In addition, it can also be used in the industry as a mineral processing agent, ion exchanger, surfactant, flocculant and tanning agent.

I. For boiler anticrustator

The boiler anticrustator made of sodium humate as a raw material has the ability to reduce the concentration of Ca2+ in the water, and it also generates a solid precipitate which is loose, does not stick to the wall and is easy to be removed. It can not only remove scale but also can prevent it. It has advantages in descaling process, which can improve the anti-scaling efficiency and reduce the growth speed of boiler scale, as well as clear anti-corrosion effect, so as to save water, save energy and reduce costs.

II. For ceramics

For ceramics, sodium humate is an excellent ceramic additive with the functions of reinforcement, plasticization, dilution and adsorption. Compared with the traditional water glass, soda ash and Tianpu glue, it has obvious advantages and extensive adaptability.

III. For coal briquette bound

Coal briquette bound is produced through a complex chemical reaction between inorganic materials and various organic chemical materials. The pulverized coal can form the needle network structure quickly by adding it, so that the coal briquette (bamboo) has high cold and thermal mechanical strength and the heat stability; It has high moisture resistance, waterproof performance and water immersion strength; It has the advantages of high combustion value in the furnace, high heat intensity after combustion, low drop-breakage rate, no ash, no pollution and simple operation, etc.