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Potassium humate



Dark brown powder, solid particles


Lignite, weathered coal


Mine source

Humic acid content (dry basis)


Potassium oxide K2O


Moisture %


PH value


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Potassium humate is an efficient organic potash fertilizer because humic acid in which is a biologically active agent. It can increase the content of available potassium in soil, reduce the loss and fixation of potassium, increase the absorption and utilization of potassium by crops, as well as improve soil, promote the growth of crops, improve its resilience and the quality, protect the agricultural ecological environment and other functions; After mixed with urea, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer and trace elements, etc., it can be made into high-efficiency and multi-functional compound fertilizer.

Functions and characteristics

(1) Potassium humate can be used as a multifunctional compound fertilizer after being combined with elements required by the plant, such as nitrogen and phosphorus and so on. It also can be used as soil conditioner and crop nutrient spraying liquid, to improve soil physical characteristics, improve soil aggregate structure, reduce soil compactness and achieve good conditions; 

(2) Increase the cation exchange capacity and fertilizer retention capacity of the soil to absorb and exchange plant nutrients, increase the slowness of fertilizers and increase the capacities of fertility and water retention of the soil;

(3) Provide activities of beneficial microorganisms for soil;

(4) Promote the decomposition of artificial (such as pesticides) or natural toxic substances and effects;

(5) Increase the balancing ability of the soil and neutralize soil PH value;

(6) Directly influence the metabolism of cells, increase the respiration and photosynthesis of crops, and enhanceits resilience, such as drought resistance, cold resistance and disease resistance, etc;

(7) Release nutrients that plants need after decomposition;

(8) Increase production with stong roots, improve crop quality and increase sweetness of fruits and vegetables.

Usage methods

1. It can be used as top dressing and basal fertilizer with the methods of furrow application, broadcast and hole application;

2. It can be sprayed on the ground and leaves (0.10.2% solution);

3. Water the roots with 500 times of aqueous solution; Foliar spray with 1000 times of aqueous solution. Moist will be good;

4. Application rate per acre: 20-25kg.

Target crops

Suitable for lots of crops, such as fruit crops, tea, citrus, grapes, strawberries, various trees, flower trees, flowers, melons, vegetables and rice and so on

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