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Sodium humate is a kind of sodium humate salt produced from the raw materials of weathered coal or lignite, which has good biological activity. The organic carrier is composed of various functional groups, which is also an intermediate substance that has the metabolism function of plant respiration and photosynthesis. Therefore, it is highly tolerant and can be combined with various substances. Sodium humate and pesticides are combined together mainly by way of interactions of ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds, proton transfer, electron transfer and complexation, etc., as well as generate a new pesticide polymer complex. This is the sodium humate environmental pesticide.

Functions and characteristics

Sodium humate can be combined with insecticides, fungicides and herbicides to enhance drug efficacy and reduce toxicity. The specific performance include - solubilization: sodium humate can play the role of surfactants. The surface tension of its metal salt is lower than the surface tension of water, which can produce obvious dispersion and emulsification effect on pesticides and increase the solubility of soluble pesticides; Synergism: Sodium humate enhances the absorption of plants on pesticides, increases the biological activity of pesticides and plant growth regulators, as well as significantly improve the effectiveness of pesticides.

Sodium humate has sustained releasing effect and a significant inhibitory effect on the decomposition rate of pesticides. The greater the amount of sodium humate, the slower the rate of sodium humate. With the effect of reducing toxicity, sodium humate can passivate the activity of the pesticide-toxicity-sensitive enzyme in organisms, stimulate the activity of the enzyme that has an antagonistic effect on the pesticide, as well as alleviate and reduce the toxicity in the pesticide.

Sodium humate can make ammonium bicarbonate reduce the loss of ammonia nitrogen, increase the utilization of nitrogen fertilizer; It can inhibit urease activity and reduce urea volatilization; It also can inhibit the fixation of water-soluble phosphorus in soil and promote the absorption of phosphorus by roots system. Sodium humate chelates with insoluble trace elements, so as to facilitate absorption of trace elements by roots and foliage.

Sodium humate contains a variety of functional groups and activated sodium humate can become a highly effective bioactive substance, which has a stimulatory effect on crop growth and physiological metabolism in vivo. This characteristic is not possessed by general fertilizers and activated sodium humate can improve the efficient of biological activity. The materials are seeded, rooted, dipped, sprayed, irrigated and fertilized according to a certain concentration, which has obvious stimulation effect on various crops. Comprehensive performance is in the promotion of the root system development and the good impact on crop yield and quality factors.

Usage and dosage

The spray application amount is up to 10 g (0.01 kg) , which can be sprayed after dissolving in 30 kg of water. If flushing, it can use about 1 kg per acre, with water irrigation. If used as base fertilizer or mixed application with fermented livestock manure, sodium humate can be added at about 10% of the base fertilizer (including fertilizers and organic fertilizers).

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