High water soluble potassium humate

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High water soluble potassium humate



Dark brown flake, powder


Lignite, weathered coal


Mine source

Humic acid HA (dry basis meter)

≥60.0% ~70%

PH value


Water soluble




Project indicators

Highly soluble potassium humate is a water-soluble humate, a non-homogeneous polymer of aromatic potassium hydroxycarboxylate, with the appearance of glossy black crystals. It is soluble in water, alkaline, and contains active groups, such as hydroxyl and potassium carboxylate and so on .

Highly soluble potassium humate is mainly used for drip irrigation and spraying in agriculture. After combined with the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements required by plants, it can be used as a multi-functional high-efficiency compound fertilizer, to improve soil, promote plant growth and enhance fertilizer efficiency, etc. Moreover, it can slowly release nitrogen fertilizers, increase the efficiency of the use of phosphate fertilizers, greatly release solid-state phosphorus in the soil, as well as can significantly increase the ability of crops to resist drought and stress, so that it has the effect of increasing yield and improving crop quality, especially for vegetables and cereal crops.

Functions and effects

(1) Potassium humate has significant nitrogen fixation effect, which is a natural additive for urea. It can greatly increase the sustained release and usage efficiency of urea. It can also interact with fixed phosphorus in the soil to increase the usage efficiency of phosphate fertilizer, which is the effective additives of DAP/MAP, etc.

(2) Improve the soil structure, especially for soil consolidation resulting from long-term single use of chemical fertilizers.

(3) Neutralize and reconcile the pH value of the soil.

(4) Promote the growth of plants, enhance the ability of crops to resist cold and drought and resist plagues and increase production.

(5) It can increase the persistence of pesticides and herbicides while reducing pesticide residues.

Usage and dosage

It should be mixed with urea to use with 5-10kgs per 100kg urea;

As a base fertilizer, it can be used according to different crop types and soil conditions.

Drip irrigation use: 0.5-1kgs per acre, need to be evenly diluted before use.

Foliar fertilizer use: 0.5kgs per acre according to different types of crops and soil specific conditions

It should be diluted evenly before use.

Seed dressing and dipping roots: 500-1000 times dilution.

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