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Sodium fulvate (flakes)



Black brown flakes


Lignite, weathered coal



Fulvic acid FA (dry basis meter)


Water solubility




PH value


Project indicators

This product is dark brown shiny flakes, which can be soluble in water and slightly alkaline with rich nutrient substances, such as humic acid, polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals and so on, without any toxic and harmful substancesand heavy metals. It can provide adequate nutrition for microorganisms and algae in water bodies, cultivate water fertility, reduce the residue of harmful substances and increase the amount of dissolved oxygen, as well as increase immunity and promote growth, so it is a green environmental protection product for aquatic product cultivation.

Functions and characteristics

Feed additives

1. Suitable for all kinds of livestock and poultry animals, as well as aquatic animals

2. Livestock and poultry can drink directly when it mixes water for 1000 times

3. According to the proportion of 0.5% feed, amount, soaked with 5 times of fresh water for 6-8 hours, mixed with fodder to feed

4. According to the proportion of of 0.3% -0.5% feed, amount, mixed with proper amount of vitamins, minerals or trace elements into premix, soaked with 5 times of fresh water before feeding, and then mixed with fodder to feed

5. Directly added to the feed, the amount of feed added per ton is 3-5 kg


1. Adsorb and chelate harmful gases and heavy metal ions in water bodies to purify water

2. Provide carbon fertilizer and chelating nitrogen for algae and promote algae propagation

3. Activate the nutrients of sludge at the bottom of the pond, complex the floating and provide algae with nutrients

4. Replenish the water with beneficial bacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria and decompose organic matter

5. Enter into the intestine of farmed animals, promote digestion and absorption, as well as inhibit the production of pathogens and diminish inflammation and prevent diseases

6. The amount of one acre is 1-2 kilograms, which is used once every 15 days and sprinkled the whole pond after dissolving water

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