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Granular Humic Acid



Black light color and amorphous solid particles


Lignite and weathered coal

Water-soluble humic acid content (dry basis)


Moisture content


Water insolubles (dry basis)


Fe content


PH value


Project indicators

The granular sodium humate is a kind of macromolecule organic weak acid sodium salt which is made of weathered coal, peat and lignite as raw materials through special processes. The structure is relatively complex. It is known that the humic acid molecule contains benzene ring, fused rings and some heterocyclic rings (such as pyrrole and benzpyrole, etc.), each of which has a bridging bond and various functional groups, mainly including carboxyl group, phenol group, hydroxyl group and methoxy group, etc. The dry base content of humic acid in the sodium humate exceeds 75%, which is a good additive of veterinary drug and feed for the production of green milk, meat and egg foods.

Functions and characteristics

For fisheries: It is regarded as a water quality regulator to stimulate the growth of algae and increase the food intake of fish.

For livestock breeding:

a. Application in chicken farming

(1) Increase egg production rate and eggshell quality

(2) Increase daily weight gain

(3) Reduce mortality

(4) Prevent watery feces and reduce odor

(5) Improve feed utilization and reduce feed costs

b. Application in pig production

(1) Sodium humate can increase the daily gain of pigs and shorten the fattening period without drug residue, no toxic side effects and improve meat quality.

(2) The pigs show the following properties: strong appetite, bright hairs, ruddy skin, more lying and liking sleep, not hitting the pigsty and not jumping wall, with loose stools and significantly reduced odor.

c. Applied research on dairy cows

(1) Sodium humate can increase the milk production rate of dairy cows and make cows hairs shine brightly.

(2) Sodium humate can reduce the ammonia poisoning by urea and increase the utilization of urea. In addition, ammonia absorbed by sodium humate can reduce odor and improve the efficiency of animal manure while reducing environmental pollution.

d. Application in sheep fattening

(1) Compared with other fattening agents and fast-breathing spirits, sodium humate can increase the daily gain of lambs.

Dosage and usage

Sodium humate should be added in meat chicken feed by 0.2% to 0.5% per ton.

In layer hens feed by 0.2% to 0.5% per ton

In meat ducks feed by 0.2% feed per ton

In layer ducks feed by 0.2% feed per ton

In finishing pigs feed by 0.2% feed per ton

In dairy cows feed by 0.1% of feed per ton

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