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Sodium humate is produced from weathered coal or brown coal raw materials to obtain humic acid sodium salt, which is a kind of natural organic matter compound with complex fat—aromatic carboxylic acid.

Functions and characteristics

1. Purify water quality: Because sodium humate is a relatively stable nature macromolecular organic matter with aromatic structure, an intermittent network composed of sparse aromatic rings linking together and there are many empty pores of various sizes in the structure. Due to its complex structure and various functional groups, it has very high reactivity and strong adsorption performance. Therefore, it can achieve the effect of purifying water quality in practical applications. At the same time, there is another aspect of the effect of purifying water quality. First, the porous structure provides a good breeding ground for beneficial organisms; Second, the sodium humate itself can release primary ecological oxygen, thereby to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria.

2. Physical shading: Physical shading refers to that the water become soy sauce color after applying sodium humate to prevent the sunlight from reaching the bottom layer, thus preventing the green moss, which is used more in crab ponds. In practical use, the powdery product generally has a short duration in the water, about 1-3 days, while the sheet product has a relatively long duration, generally exceeding 5 days. The longest duration seen is 14 days of continuous soy sauce color.

3.Chelate heavy metal ions. Chelate and decompose water-body comprehensive toxins, resist stress and inhibit bacteria and viruses, activate pool water, adjust pH value, supplement water nutrients, as well as effectively adsorb and decompose harmful substances, such as ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and nitrite, etc., and also release poisoning symptoms caused by organic pesticides of heavy metal ions (Hg, zinc, copper, lead). In the process of shrimp rearing, adding 5 mg/L sodium humate in the nursery pool can improve the hatching rate of fertilized eggs from 40% to 90% because of eliminating the heavy metal ions in the water by the complexation of sodium humate. The growth of the feed unicellular algae also can be promoted. Once inoculation is enough and the time for the emergence of the shrimp seedlings can be increased by 1-2 days, and the survival rate from the juvenile larvae to the shrimp seedlings can reach 80%.

4. Prevent the aging of the pond, improve the pond sediment, as well as detoxify and deodorize, which is mainly the functions of spherical and broken particles. There should be two reasons for the mechanism of such usage: First, the network and porous structure of sodium humate can loosen the soil and improve the permeability of the sediment. Eliminating the organic foam on the water surface, effectively netting the water-colored algae phase, balancing the pH value and stabilizing the aquatic ecological environment, to effectively control the stress response of farmed animals. Secondly, sodium humate can adsorb some of the NH3 and H2S in the bottom environment, thereby removing the odor of the bottom sludge and further reducing the environmental pollution. Red tide and “bloom” are mitigated, harmful substances, such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and hydrogen sulfide, etc., are decomposed and the dissolved oxygen in the water are increased.

5, Cultivate and keep grass: Plant aquatic plants in the crab pond and sodium humate itself is a good nutrient, which can maintain and keep grass. In the actual process, for example, if the flake humic acid sodium humate is applied at 2 mu/kg, the water grass can be changed within 3 days after using if it is brittle and break easily, then the water grass will obviously become tough. Sodium humate has a certain stimulating effect on the growth of aquatic weed. In the actual process, it is recommended to sprinkle broken particle products directly after planting aquatic weed, which will allow the sodium humate to quickly contact the sediment to promote the root growth.

6. Inhibition of moss: Moss has always been a key prevention link in rab breeding and the application of sodium humate in the crab pond has a certain effect on the inhibition of moss. Sodium humate can be used in conjunction with moss medicine. It has been proved in practice that it is better to treat moss by using moss medicine firstly and then to block sunlight by using sodium humate tablets compared with using moss medicine singly.

7. Fertilizer effect: Sodium humate itself has the property of fertilizer, which can provide nutrients to supplement the carbon source of the water body for aquaculture. Because sodium humate is the sodium salt of humic acid, humic acid is a kind of polymer organic weak acid, which is the product formed after decomposition of plant residues, mainly composed of elements, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen and so on. According to the data, the composition of humic acid is roughly 50%-60% of carbon, 4%-6% of hydrogen, 1.5%-6.0% of nitrogen and most of the remaining elements are oxygen. In addition, it also contains 1% or less of sulfur and phosphorus.

8. Other effects: Oral administration of young shrimp can not only be antibacterial, enhance gastrointestinal function and promote digestion and increase appetite, but also have growth promoting effects on the growth of shrimp itself with various degrees, and the effect of weight gain is obvious.

Usage and dosage

Generally speaking,the amount of acre is 0.5-1 Kg in the pool with water depth of 1 meter. It is applied every 20 days or so. When the water quality deteriorates, the dosage is doubled, and broadcast the powder or particles to the entire pool directly. It will work better if combined with oxygenating agents, photosynthetic bacteria and EM bacteria, etc.


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