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Phenolic Resin




SMP-I water agent

SMP-I powder

SMP-II water agent

SMP-II powder

Dry basis mass fraction, %





Water insoluble, %



Dynamic viscosity, mPa.s



Cloud point salinity (CIˉ), g/L





Apparent viscosity, mPa.s





High temperature and pressure filter vector,ml





Project indicators

The smp-i of methyl phenolic resin used in drilling fluid is an anionic water-soluble polyelectrolyte, which is a kind of heat-resistant and salt-resistant drilling fluid filtrate reducer. It can be used together with sulfonate brown coal, sulphonated coke and sulphated asphalt, to configure "three-sulfur" mud system. It is an ideal drilling fluid material that is indispensable for high temperature resistance, salt resistance, deep wells, horizontal wells and complex wells.

Functions and characteristics

Drilling fluid using sulfomethyl formaldehyde resin SMP-I is the introduction of sulfonic acid groups in the benzene ring unit, then the benzene ring is connected with carbon atoms. It can resist high temperature. Because the benzene hydroxyl group introduces sodium sulfonate group -SO3Na in the ortho-position, the hydration is strong and the bond energy of association water is high, then it solves its water solubility and determines its functions of anti-salt, anti-calcium, reduce the role of high temperature and high pressure loss of water. As a deep well mud treatment agent, sulfomethyl phenol resin has good performances, such as good water loss under high temperature and high pressure, good salt resistance, good calcium resistance, and reduce the friction coefficient of mud cake. It plays an important role in consolidating the well wall, preventing collapse and preventing sticking. The general dosage is 3.0-5.0%.

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