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Lignite resin



Black brown powder

Moisture, %


Water insoluble matter,%




Room temperature filter loss, ml

Freshwater slurry


Sodium chloride pollution slurry


High temperature and high pressure filter, ml

Freshwater slurry


Sodium chloride pollution slurry


Apparent viscosity, mPa·s

Freshwater slurry


Sodium chloride pollution slurry


Project indicators

Lignite resin SPNH mainly consists of sulfonated phenolic resin SMP, sulfonated brown coal SMC and ammonium salt HPAN with the appearance of dark brown powder. It is easily soluble in water and the aqueous solution is weakly alkaline. This product is a heat-resistant and sal-resistant drilling fluid treatment agent.

Functions and characteristics

Lignite resin introduces anti-high temperature and salt-resistant groups on its resin chains, which significantly increases the performance of temperature resistance and salt resistance. Therefore, it can be used in deep wells with high formation temperature, and the temperature resistance can reach 200°C. It also can significantly reduce the water loss of fresh water, salt water and salt water slurry, as well as has certain viscosity-reducing effect. When using with sulfonated tannin and sulfonated asphalt, it is one of the ideal high-temperature deep-well mud systems for water-based drilling fluid systems for high temperature and salt-reducing fluid loss agents. In addition, it has a certain viscosity-reducing effect, suitable for high-temperature deep-well mud systems.

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