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Sulfonated asphalt powder


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Sulfonated bituminous powder is a product bitumen hydrolysis after sulfonation by fuming sulfuric acid or sulfur trioxide.. Because the sulfonated asphalt contains sulfonic acid groups, the hydration is very strong. When adsorbing on the interface of the shale, the sulfonated asphalt can prevent the hydration and dispersion of the shale particles from collapsing. At the same time, the water-insoluble part can also fill pore throats and cracks to plug and cover the shale interface, improving the quality of mud cakes; Sulfonated asphalt can also lubricate and reduce high temperature and high pressure loss in drilling fluids, which is an organic drilling fluid treatment agent with many functions, such as plugging, collapse prevention, lubrication, drag reduction and suppression, etc.。

Functions and characteristics

1. It has good water dispersion without coalescence and floating phenomenon;

2 It has excellent shale inhibitory properties. The insoluble bitumen dispersed in the drilling fluid can be adsorbed on the surface of the shale to form a thin, tough, low-permeability water-repellent oil film, which can also seal the pores and micro-fractures in the formation under pressure differentials, to reduce the amount of filtrate invading the formation. The cationic group has a good inhibitory effect, so the product can effectively inhibit the hydration and expansion of shale, prevent shale spalling and collapse, stabilize the well wall;

3. It has a good plugging effect and can be used in combination with other plugging agents to improve the sealing effect;

4. It has a good role in protecting the reservoir;

5. It does not increase viscosity, especially suitable for the preparation of high-density drilling and completion fluid;

6. It has good thermal stability (>220 °C) and can be used for the preparation of high temperature deep well drilling and completion fluid;

7. It has good salt and calcium resistance and can be used in various drilling and completion fluids such as fresh water, salt water, seawater and saturated brine;

8. It has good compatibility with other treatment agents and can be directly added to various drilling and completion fluids with the dosage of 1%-3%.


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