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Nitrohumic acid



Powder, granular

Humic acid (dry basis)%




C.E.C (dry basis meter) mm.l/g


Total nitrogen (dry basis)%


0.5mm sieve residue%


Organic matter (dry basis)%


Compression strength (N)


Interest rate (2-4mm)


Project indicators

The nitro-humic acid has a black powdery or granular appearance and contains highly active gene groups such as hydroxyl, carboxyl, and nitro groups. It has functions such as complexation, inhibition, high temperature resistance, and binding properties, and is widely used in agricultural cultivation. , drilling fluid additives, water reducing agents and other industries

Usage methods

Nitrohumic humic acid has a buffering effect on alkaline soils, so it is used as an acid sizing agent for paddy field in rice, so that the soil pH is reduced from 8 to 6 to 6.5. It inhibits urease in soil and improves the utilization of urea. It can improve soil aggregate structure, increase soil substitution, delay the passivation of phosphorus, and have the effect of storing fertilizer and fertilizer. Its soluble salts have a broad spectrum of plant growth, can promote root development, improve crop resistance, increase nutrient absorption, and are conducive to crop growth. Therefore, it is also possible to incorporate humic acid compound fertilizers as one of the active ingredients, or to convert them into ammonium or potassium salts for use in agriculture and non-agriculture.


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